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The designer and founder is  a creative artist that emerged from the School of Plastic Arts of San Juan. 

 Playa Turquoise is a concept that offer unique and  high quality products that make feel enjoy a natural and elegant look. The turquoise beaches are the favorite of the designer that give her a sense of purity, connection and energy renovation. 


Playa Turquesa Designs provide unique bags, swimwear's and beach wear for teens and women's. This creations are made  for empower girls with a universal message and foment the care of our nature.


Our values are quality, faith, love, freedom, justice, life with purpose, loyalty, empathy, peace, armory, compassion, responsibility, trust, respect, authenticity.


The idea emerge from the empowerment of women, when the possibilities are infinites if you believe in yourself and in your Sacred Guide. Enjoy your essence with an amazing style.

carretes de hilo

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